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Doug Axelson C.P.M.

ISM-ENY (Institute for Supply Management-Eastern New York)



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Axelson C.P.M.
ISM-ENY (Institute for Supply Management-Eastern New York)

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ISM-ENY is a non-profit Educational organization promoting excellence in Purchasing and Supply Chain Management.
Mission: To Lead Supply Management
Strategic Imperative 1 : ISM is the thought leader that attracts and engages supply management professionals and others impacted by the profession.
Strategic Imperative 2 : ISM is an essential component of individual supply management professionals in excelling and advancing in their careers.
Strategic Imperative 3 : Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) is recognized as THE essential qualification required to succeed as a supply management professional.
Strategic Imperative 4 : ISM expands its international influence.
Strategic Imperative 5 : ISM controls essential expertise.
Strategic Imperative 6 : ISM is organized to be flexible and responsive to achieve excellence and to promote organizational values and value.
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